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We believe the management of clubs is an honorable calling. It shall be incumbent upon club managers to be knowledgable in the applications of sound business principle in the management of clubs, with ample opportunity to keep abreast of current practices and procedures. 

We are convinced that the Club Management Association of America best represents these interests, and as members thereof, subscribe to the following:

  • We will uphold the best traditions of clubs management through adherence to sound business principles. By our behavior and demeanor, we shall set an example for our employees and will assist the clubs officers to secure the utmost in efficient and successful club operations.

  • We will consistently promote the recognition and esteem of club management as a profession and conduct our personal and business affairs in a manner to reflect capability and integrity. We will always honor our contractual employment obligations.

  • We shall promote community and civic affairs by maintaining good relations with the public sector to the extent possible within the limits of our club's demands.

  • We will strive to advance our knowledge and abilities as Club Managers, and willingly share with other Association members the lessons of our experience and knowledge gained by supporting and participating in our local chapter and National Association's educational meetings and seminars.

  • We will not permit ourselves to be subsidized or compromised by any interest doing business with our clubs.
  • We will refrain from initiating, directly or through an agent, any communications with a director, member or official of another club regarding its affairs without the prior knowledge of the Manager therof, if it has a manager.
  • We will advise the National Headquarters whenever possible regarding managerial openings at clubs that come to our attention. We will do all within our power to assist our fellow club managers in persuit of their professional goals.
  • We shall not be deterred from compliance with the Law, as it applies to our clubs. We shall provide for our club officers and trustess with specifics of Federal, State and Local laws, statutes and regulations, to avoid punitive action and costly litigation.
  • We deem it our duty to report of local or national officers any willful violations of the Code of Ethics.