2017-18 Education/Social Calendar

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October 17 - Annual Meeting/President's Ball - Detroit Athletic Club
Honoring Tom Trainor, CCM
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November 5-6 - 2 Day Workshop UClub, Lansing
Day 1 - 6hr CMI (F&B) - Brian Beland, Joel Heberlein & Raji Singh
Day 2 - George Stavros and Dr. Carl Borchgrevink
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 Brian Beland and CCD Culinary Way
Joel Heberlein
Raji Singh
George Stavros
Dr. Borchgrevink


November 26 - Chapter Holiday Party
Forest Lake Country Club 6-9pm
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January 5-6, 2018 - Bay Harbor Yacht Club
Laurie Martin (Crisis Ready Leadership)
Corey Gerhart (Comus Consulting - Hiring)
Bo Picklesimer, CCM (GM @ Egypt Valley CC - Agents of Change)

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January 16, 2018 - Vendor Cocktail Party
Pine Lake Country Club

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February 5-6 - Cascade Hills Country Club
Day 1 - Vincent Phipps (Conflict Resolution/Communication)
Founders Brewery (Tour/Optional Dinner)
Day 2 - Gordon Food Service (Tour/Test Kitchen/lunch)
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March 2-8 - CMAA World Conference
San Francisco Conference Chapter Party
Sunday, March 4, 2018 - 5-8pm
The Press Club


March 20 - All Staff Meeting - Meadowbrook Country Club
Susie Pecuch (Design the Customer Conversation)
9-noon - Morning Session - Whole Team Service
12-1pm - lunch
1-4pm - Afternoon Session - Service Leadership
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April 10 - Junior/Asst Mngr Roundtable - Dearborn Country Club
Gregg Patterson

Roundtable Education/Lunch and Golf (optional)
Dates and Locations TBD
Sept/Oct - Fall Education - TBD


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GMCMA 2016-17 Year in Review

November 6-7 - 2 Day Workshop UClub, Lansing
Day 1 - Whitney Reid - 6hr CMI (F&B) Presentation
Day 2 - Dr. Vargas (Golf, Sports & Rec), Annual Meeting and 
Dick Bruner (External & Governmental Influences) 
November 27 - Chapter Holiday Party
January 6-7, 2017 - Bay Harbor
Steven Freund (Renewing Established Brand and Q&A) Presentation
Jack Sullivan (Club Governance) Presentation
John Paul (Lowering F&B Costs - 30yrs exp) Presentation

February 7-11 - CMAA World Conference
Orlando Conference Chapter Party
February 28 - Junior/Asst Mngr Roundtable
Knollwood Country Club
John Paul - Presentation

March 21 - All Staff - Detroit Golf Club
Arte Nathan (Service/Coaching)  Presentation
March 23 - Bowling Party - Country Club of Detroit
April 11 - Spring Education - Midland Country Club
Sunjay Nath - 10/80/10 principle (Leadership)
Club Tour

Roundtable Education/Lunch and Golf (optional)
June 13 - Cascade Hills Country Club
July 25 - Knollwood Country Club
August 1 - Spring Lake Country Club
September 19 - Great Oaks Country Club

Sept 19 - Jim Farhat Retirement Party - Birmingham Country Club

Sept 26 - Grosse Ile Golf & CC Golf Social

October 1-3 - Mackinac Education - The Grand Hotel
Barbara Pitcher, Sommelier




2015-16 GMCMA Year in Review

October 20 - Annual Meeting/Presidents Ball 

November 2-3 - Tim Richardson (Club Culture/Service), 
Gary Walley w/ Fitness Things (Fitness Trends and Analysis) and 
Howard & Howard (Legal/Legislative Panel) 

November 29, 2015 - Chapter Holiday Party 

January 8-9, 2016 - Rick Coyne (Relevant C's) and Three Carpenter 
(It's About The People) 

February 21, 2016 - CMAA San Diego Conference Chapter Party 
- The Tipsy Crow 

March 22, 2016 - All Staff - Rendall Heflin (How to Pump Life Back into your Business) 
and Frank Vain (Club Governance) 

April 2, 2016 - Assistant Managers Roundtable - Country Club of Detroit
April 12, 2016 - Jeff DeHaven, Blue Thumb Digital (Social Media) 

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Latest News

Tammy CarterOptions for Increasing our Membership Recruiting Efforts

Options for Increasing our Membership Recruiting Efforts:


I am looking for some advice/feedback on past experiences with Member Recruitment.  Battle Creek Country Club is utilizing one or more of the following options; hiring an outside agency, rewarding current members, or having a dedicated full or part-time membership recruiter on staff.  We are small club and our Board of Directors has been discussing all of the above as options and I would really appreciate both the positive and the negative that other clubs have experienced.  Also, if you’ve had success with another idea, that would be most helpful.  Please feel free to respond here or contact me directly.


Steve Rebhan, GM

Battle Creek Country Club

(269) 209-4631  

1 month ago

Tammy CarterFront Desk/Receptionist Manual

Do you currently have a “Front Desk/Receptionist Manual” (for training) and could you please share it with me. I would appreciate if you could email it to   . Once we complete ours we will share with whoever is interested.

Thank you



Stan Pena

General Manager

The Village Club

190 East Long Lake Road

Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304

2 months ago

Tammy CarterHousing for Seasonal Staff

As a seasonal northern Michigan club, we would like to expand our use of student internships and experienced club staff from southern climes who would be on their off season during our peak times.  Our primary challenge, being in a small resort town, is in finding affordable housing for these staffers. Would you share your experience and creative ideas regarding housing for seasonal staff? Thank you for your input.




Wendy McDaniel, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer

Crystal Downs Country Club

PO Box 329 - Frankfort, MI  49635


3 months ago

Tammy CarterNew Member Candidate Time Frame

What is the new member candidate posting time frame?  This would be the time frame from when they are approved by the membership committee to the time that they receive their invitation to membership letter. 

Please send responses to


Thank you




Stan Pena

General Manager

The Village Club

190 Ea

5 months ago

Tammy CarterCorkage Fees?

I am wondering if my colleagues might be willing to share their corkage fees for wine service? Do you think we could send this out? I appreciate your help.

Aaron Wagner

5 months ago