January 2015
- Message from the President
Bo Picklesimer, CCM


Fellow Managers of The Greater Michigan Club Managers Association,

 Happy New Year to all of you across the winter wonderland we all call Michigan. 

 Being an immigrant to our great state, I always tell folks I love January.  It is not so much the current weather we may be experiencing this time of year, but the fact that in January each successive day gives us a little more daylight…and moves us a little closer to Spring!

 I hope you can plan on joining us at Gross Pointe Yacht Club on the 15th of this month for our Annual Vendors Reception.  That event is always a nice evening and an opportunity to mingle with the folks we all do business with…and thank them for their support of our chapter.

 I also wanted to notice you all on a special event we are co-hosting with GAM (Golf Association of Michigan) this Spring.  Please save the date of Wednesday, April 1st and plan on joining us at Oakland Hills Country Club for a roundtable discussion on “How To Make Your Club More Marketable”. 

 This will be an event for any of your management team that are involved in marketing your club.  Board members are also welcome and encouraged to attend.  The format will include presentations sharing information on how clubs in our marketplace are succeeding in attracting and retaining members.

 Please let me know if you have had, or are having, a successful experience with pursuing improvements at your club that resulted in increased membership, or if you have had a recent membership initiative that has been particularly successful.  We may want to have your experience featured as part of the presentation at this event.

 Also, if you have had a social, or super event, at your club recently that was a smashing success, we would love to hear about that.  If you have an event that you would like to brag up, and help the rest of the chapter be able to do the same, please contact Tammy, or myself.  We would love to have several events that could be a part of the roundtable presentations. 

 I know that we have scheduled our traditional All Staff Education the week before this event.  But I feel that this extra effort to join GAM in promoting membership is worth our extra effort.  Is there a topic that is more on all of our minds than marketing in today’s club environment?

 As I have shared with some of you, one of the best things about CMAA is learning best practices from each other.  There are great stories being written across our chapter every day.  We would like everyone attending this event to walk away with some great ideas about how to strengthen your club’s approach to marketing, and increase membership satisfaction at your club in the coming year.  I hope you can plan to participate in this special event.

 I hope to see you all soon at one of our chapter events.  Until then…stay warm…and stay safe!

 Best Regards,
Bo Picklesimer, CCM
GMCMA President
Egypt Valley Country Club


MSU Two-Day Workshop a Success

The 2 day education workshop that is held annually at the University Club of MSU took place on Monday and Tuesday, November 17-18th.

DAY 1 - Those in attendance heard from speaker
Tarun Kapoor CHO, CHA, CHE - CEO & Managing Director of Kapoor & Kapoor  Hospitality Consultants. He spoke on "Collaborative Governance: A “New” Paradigm for Volunteer Leaders and Management to Operate the Club Strategically". All those that heard Mr. Kapoor speak and took the test received 6 workshop education credits from CMAA nationals!
Click here to download Tarun Kapoor's Presentation

DAY 2 - Morning session from Howard & Howard covered a wide range of topics and a panel presentation featuring Patrick Howard and 2 of his partners, Mark Peyser and Dan Villaire. The session went for an hour and a half but could easily of lasted twice as long. Alot of very good information was talked about including how to protect your club and you in cases of risk, how/what to document in case of a lawsuit and liquor licenses/laws.

The first Greater Michigan Chapter Annual Meeting was next with Bo Picklesimer, President running the meeting. Also present were Tom Trainor, CCM - Vice President, Wendy Anglin, CCM - Secretary/Treasurer and board member Scott Cummings.
They voted in two new Board Members. 

Congratulations to
Kerrie Barno and John Matway, CCM 

on their newly appointed seats on the Board of Directors!

Click to download Annual Report   
Click to download Annual Meeting Minutes

Next was lunch with the tradition of new members eating hot peppers! 
They all did great!
The afternoon session was "Evolution of Golf Course Maintenance: Tendencies and Implementations" with John N. “Trey” Rogers III, Ph.D. He is the Professor of Turfgrass Management in the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences at Michigan State University. He has been on the faculty there since 1988. Dr. Rogers is also the Coordinator of the 2‑year Golf Turfgrass Management program at Michigan State University. Last year Trey worked with Orchard Lake Country Club and Lochmoor Country Club to renovate their greens and next year with Birmingham Country Club. It was a very informative session.


Congratulations to Steve Pedersen
on his Retirement
Steve has been the General Manager of Midland Country Club for the last eight years. Steve renovated the clubhouse, refocused the club's mission and increased membership tremendously. 
Taking Steve's place will be Detroit Golf Clubs' Todd Beals.

Congratulations to both Steve and Todd from your Greater Michigan Chapter members!
Please find a link to the story in the June 26, 2014
article of the Midland Daily News below.


A Retirement Tribute to
one of our GMCMA members
Richard A. Bruner, CCM, CCE 

for over 40 years of dedicated service
to the University Club of MSU,
the mid-Michigan community,
and the global club industry.

Click Here To See Tribute Brochure




Three outstanding chapters were honored at the 87th World Conference in Orlando. Many chapters worked hard to fill the top spots, a fact that was reflected in the close races in each of the chapter categories. However, only one chapter in each size category was able to earn the title of 2013 Chapter of the Year.

Medium Chapter of the Year: Detroit Chapter    
Congratulations to these chapters on this time-honored achievement. To reward the winning chapters' efforts, we are eligible to receive a Club Management Institute-endorsed grant for $3,000 sponsored by The Club Foundation. All three chapter of the year winners were also recognized at the Awards and Conference Finale with a trophy and will have their names engraved on the overall Chapter of the Year trophy, which is displayed at CMAA National Headquarters! There were many outstanding entries. While all chapters are automatically entered into this award program, only those chapters submitting a chapter résumé are eligible to win. This piece helps the judging committee to better recognize the unique accomplishments of each chapter. Impressive accomplishments were abundant – all CMAA members should be proud of the level of excellence that exists within the Association’s chapter system.

The DCMA also finished second in Membership Growth behind the St. Louis Chapter. The DCMA also took second place for the medium chapter category in the Excellence in Education Awards.

Congratulations to the DCMA on winning this most prestigious award. It would not have been possible without the support of every single member of the Chapter.



CMAA    PCA       GCSA


Latest News

Tammy Carter"Minimum Notice" required when resigning from membership

Does anyone's club have a “minimum notice” when resigning the membership and if so what is the length of time required by the member? For example, Great Oaks by-laws require that you give 60 day notice in writing when resigning your membership.


Thomas W. Conroy

The Country Club of Lansing


Tammy CarterExercise Facility Reciprocity - Oakland County Area

I have member asking about exercise facility reciprocity in the Oakland Country Area, does anyone have any thoughts??

Jennifer Howton

Barton Hills Country Club


Tammy CarterCommercial Color Printer Needed - Recommendations

I am interested in finding out if anyone has purchased a commercial color printer recently and if so what printing are you doing internally? Are you happy with it?


Wendy Anglin

General Manager

The Village Club


Tammy CarterRecommendations for Scheduling Software

Hello!  I am seeking recommendations for scheduling software.  We would like to explore programs that would have the following features (along with others)...

1.  Enable employees to enter their own standard availability.

2.  Enable employees to enter requested time off, but require manager approval to be valid.

3.  Allow employee pay rates to be tied to time scheduled so labor expenses could be calculated as the schedule is built.

If anyone has experience with a program that they recommend using (or not using!), I would appreciate your advice!

Thank you,