2016-17 Education/Social Calendar

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October 1 - Vintage Wine Co./Country Club of Detroit
Wine Tour/Wine Dinner
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November 6-7 - 2 Day Workshop UClub, Lansing
Day 1 - Whitney Reid - 6hr CMI (F&B) Presentation
Day 2 - Dr. Vargas (Golf, Sports & Rec), Annual Meeting and 
Dick Bruner (External & Governmental Influences) 
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November 27 - Chapter Holiday Party
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January 6-7, 2017 - Bay Harbor
Steven Freund (Renewing Established Brand and Q&A) Presentation
Jack Sullivan (Club Governance) Presentation
John Paul (Lowering F&B Costs - 30yrs exp) Presentation

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February 7-11 - CMAA World Conference
Orlando Conference Chapter Party
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February 28 - Junior/Asst Mngr Roundtable
Knollwood Country Club
John Paul - Presentation
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March 21 - All Staff - Detroit Golf Club
Arte Nathan (Service/Coaching)  Presentation
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March 23 - Bowling Party - Country Club of Detroit
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April 11 - Spring Education - Midland Country Club
Sunjay Nath - 10/80/10 principle (Leadership)
Club Tour
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Roundtable Education/Lunch and Golf (optional)
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June 13 - Cascade Hills Country Club
July 25 - Knollwood Country Club
August 1 - Spring Lake Country Club
September 19 - Great Oaks Country Club

June 20 - WINE EVENT - Trendy Wines Gourmet Dinner
The Old Club

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October 1-3 - Mackinac Education - The Grand Hotel
Barbara Pitcher, Sommelier
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NEW 2017-18 Education/Social Calendar

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2015-16 GMCMA Year in Review

October 20 - Annual Meeting/Presidents Ball 

November 2-3 - Tim Richardson (Club Culture/Service), 
Gary Walley w/ Fitness Things (Fitness Trends and Analysis) and 
Howard & Howard (Legal/Legislative Panel) 

November 29, 2015 - Chapter Holiday Party 

January 8-9, 2016 - Rick Coyne (Relevant C's) and Three Carpenter 
(It's About The People) 

February 21, 2016 - CMAA San Diego Conference Chapter Party 
- The Tipsy Crow 

March 22, 2016 - All Staff - Rendall Heflin (How to Pump Life Back into your Business) 
and Frank Vain (Club Governance) 

April 2, 2016 - Assistant Managers Roundtable - Country Club of Detroit
April 12, 2016 - Jeff DeHaven, Blue Thumb Digital (Social Media) 

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Latest News

Tammy CarterEaster/Monther's Day brunch pricing

Could you please let me know what your Easter and Mother's Day Brunch pricing is for children and adults. Thank you very much!


John Paul, CCM
General Manager 

Grosse Ile Golf and Country Club

cell 734-776-6191

3 months ago

Tammy CarterWinter Golfing/Simulators

Do you have a winter hitting areas for your golf members?  Do you have a golf simulator?



Craig Signature copy

3 months ago

Tammy CarterWinter Golfing/Simulators

Do you have a winter hitting areas for your golf members?  Do you have a golf simulator?



Craig Signature copy

3 months ago

Tammy CarterComparing Thanksgiving Numbers

Can I get counts and if numbers were up or down for Thanksgiving this season? We did 286 this year when in years past it has been consistent 400+.


Happy belated Thanksgiving!


OLCC Logo - email signature RYAN TENBRINK

5 months ago

Tammy CarterIdeas for Off-Site Executive Team Planning

I am looking for a recommendation from our Chapter members.  I would like to plan a 1-2 day off site strategic planning workshop for my executive team.  The focus would be on 2 main topics, member engagement and standard operating procedures.  

If any one has used a facilitator like this in the past I would love their input.

Any help in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

John B. Aschermann CFBE

General Manager

The Polo Fields Golf & Country Clubs

(734) 998-1555